addictive <body>

I throw all of your stuff away. I’m gonna clear you out of my head. I tear you out of my heart.
And ignore all your messages. I tell everyone we are through. 'Cause I'm so much better without you.
But it’s just another pretty lie. 'Cause I break down.
Every time you come around. So how did you get here under my skin? I swore that I'd never let you back in.
Should have known better in trying to let you go. 'Cause here we go go go again.
Hard as I try I know I can't quit. Something about you is so addictive.

Everything is new .
Sunday, May 4, 2014 @ 9:32 PM

Everything is new .This is my new blog .Entah berapa kali sudah delete blog .Having a hard time to edit the blog by my own .So I make a decision by using blogskin.Tadaa !Ini dia hasil menggunakan blogskin .It is beautiful .So much adorable than I did .Muahahaha .Editing blog by my own is so hard .I never imagine that hard to edit a blog .Hihihihi .Today was 4 May 2014 .I'm getting mature day by day .Seriously ,duduk rumah makes my pipi jadi gemuk .How comes ?At the same time ,I gonna enter university .Happy ?Don't know .Scary .How the life will be when I enter the university ?Hopefully ,it will be allright .Pray for me .

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”